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Our Specialities

Strategic Planning

Ultimately, the success of any real estate portfolio depends the result of a well-executed strategic plan. We emphasize this critical step in the process of building a successful portfolio, because we believe so strongly that it is a foundational element of wealth creation. Elements considered in the strategic planning process include appropriate diversification, tolerance for risk, cash flow, leverage, short-term/long term growth potential and estate planning among other issues. We believe that perhaps our greatest value is realized by our clients when we are integrally involved in the creation and execution of their plan. While many investors believe that a real estate professional's value is limited to the process of acquiring and disposing of real estate, we pride ourselves in the development and execution of our clients' strategic plans as if they were our own portfolios. The Coastal Investment Group combines its experience with the depth of resources of Lee & Associates to position our clients to make the most informed and advantageous real estate decisions.

Analysis & Valuation

CIG employs various tools to evaluate income streams, operating statements, cash flow models, and other important financial indicies that help to determine value for those acquiring and disposing commercial real estate assets. Whether it's simple and straightforward CAP rate analysis or a sophisticated net present value model, CIG has the expertise, experience and knowledge to provide its clients with accurate and informative metrics to make sound judgements regarding real estate values. At our disposal are programs that include argus, leasemod and other proprietary financial tools. Also available is an opinion of value based upon current market conditions. These opinions, while not full narrative appraisals, often offer a more accurate estimate of a property's true value because they are constructed from a "boots on the ground" understanding of market conditions.

Acquisitions & Dispositions

The Coastal Investment Group brings together all of its tools and expertise to assist its clients who are either acquiring or disposing of real estate assets.

The team places a heavy emphasis on educating and informing our clients with regard to all key elements of value determination. Whether a client is acquiring or disposing of an asset, he or she will be made keenly aware of all conditions affecting value, including recent sales, financial alternatives, competitive offerings and other considerations that could influence the usability and desirability of any particular property.

Transactions include:

  • User Sales
  • NNN Investments
  • 1031 & 1033 Exchanges
  • Sale Leasebacks
  • Add-Value Acquisitions

Broker Opinion of Value

A Broker Opinion of Value (BOV) is an estimate of your properties value based on a careful assessment of the market and other conditions that affect the value of a commercial property. To comprise a useful BOV for you, the team will analyze all pertinent information about your property i.e. (properties income, expenses, zoning, taxes, physical condition .... etc). We will also use the most up to date market research to determine the health of the market in your city by evaluating current job growth, population, location, gross rent multipliers, capitalization rate and other averages to name a few. Although the BOV is not an appraisal, clients find a Broker Opinion of Value letter when considering the important decision to sell their property. To request a BOV from CIG, please use the contact us page and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

Market Statistics

The Coastal Investment Group worked tirelessly to put together a comprehensive market breakdown of the top real estate markets in Orange County. Throughout each year, we have quantified and analyzed the sales in each of our cities to determine estimates of market averages. These efforts gave us enough information to create a comprehensive chart of the current commercial and multi-family markets. This information is designed to help business and property owners understand their current market, while introducing new analysis in nearby cities you may not be as familiar with. Our goal is to help you through a consultative approach, and we are willing to help discuss what the following information means, and how it pertains to your property or investment parameters.

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